Trans Inclusion Module

Welcome to the Module!

The words “trans inclusion” may make you feel many different things. You may be excited to learn more and develop your knowledge or feel that you don’t know about this topic and fear causing offence.

This module will provide you with a better understanding of trans equality. You will also be able to use this knowledge to act and be a better ally to trans people.

This self-paced module should take approximately 25 minutes to complete. You do not need prior knowledge of trans equality or inclusion to complete the module.

Please complete the following sections in the order they appear. You can access the content on each section below by selecting the ‘View’ button.

We recommend you use a desktop PC, laptop, or tablet to complete this training so that all areas of the Trans Inclusion Module display as intended.

The accessible version of the module was created – you will be able to download it as a pdf document. The page should be screen reader-friendly and Dyslexia and colour-blindness friendly. If you have any suggestions for improvements, we are always happy to receive your feedback and implement any changes that would help you enjoy the module more. You can provide feedback in the module Post-Training survey on the Summary page.

Header pictures in this module originate from The Gender Spectrum Collection.


In this section, you will find out what the module is for, the topics you will learn about as you progress, and some more information on how to use the module.…


Here you will find key terms used throughout this module and elsewhere which are relevant to trans identities and inclusion.…

Why is this training relevant to me?

In this section, you will read about some statistics which outline the experience of trans people at university or in the workplace, as well as why everyone is responsible for creating inclusive and safe spaces for trans people.…

The Law

Here you will learn about the legal frameworks that protects the individual rights of trans people, as well as the standards that the University community are held to.…


In this section, you will understand what pronouns are and the use of these in everyday conversations.…

Gender Inclusive Language

On this page, you will learn about the way we use language and address people along with the impact it can have on others.…


In this section, you will reflect on what you have learnt throughout the module.…